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So I’ll be sailing on
Out into bermuda blue
Compass needle breaks
Like the heart I gave to you
Ive been laying down in the devils lair
Sailing into the sun
I’ll be baptized there


How about that episode



ok i’ll stop now



someone started this going round again and i randomly had my phone going off every 10 minutes at like 3am the other day when i gained a load of random followers

so hello to you and a happy new year to everyone else

… this is not what i wanted my fandom to be remembered for


what am i doing


"I have nothing to lose.”


Kankri: As the Seer 9f 6l99d, I have seen s9 much red. S9 much 9f it, that everything seems that c9l9r n9w.

All 6ut 9ne thing.



Alpha kid set. 

Okay now this is the last set for today. I’ll post all the trollcats tomorrow in two sets of six. Also damn you Hussie, it would tie together so much better if I knew their names.

So I went back and made what were previously question marks into DIRK AND ROXY’S NAMES whoaaa shoulda done that a while ago whoops. It was just nagging at me, sorry.


Lane’s Cosplay Master Post!

It’s about time I made an updated master post of my cosplay and cosplay links! Below you will find all of the helpful link you’ll need if you follow, or would like to follow my cosplay!

If you have any questions about my cosplay(costume questions!) please check my FAQ link first to see if you can find the answer there! If not feel free to ask me! If you choose to follow me I hope you enjoy the ride and never be afraid to leave me a message, I get to them all! Thank you and now continue to enjoy your tumblr experience!

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